NELSAC Student Online Short Film Contest


Complete Submission Information

I. Eligible Students

Students attending kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high schools in Florida or Georgia Counties during the 2023-2024 school year.

Leon District Schools

Home schools

Charter schools

Private schools

Virtual schools

Others (ask)


II. Contestant Categories

a. Single Student

b. Student Group (maximum of 5 students)
ATTENTION > Production Team: A Single Student or a Student Group is to identify their selves as a Production Team (i.e., Space Force One Films, Early Bird Media, Meatball Productions, Team Jones).

(1) List the Production Team name on the Registration Form,
(2) List the name of each Student on the Production Team in the film’s credits.
(3) List the production role of each Student in the film’s credits.

The terms “Production Team” and “Contestant” have the same meaning in the Contest.
Describe the picture or give more information. ​​​​​​​


III. Dates – Registration & Film Submission

a. Registration Period: Open Now – September 30, 2020

(1) A Contestant/Production Team must take the following actions, in the order listed below, to register for the Contest:

(a) Create a personal FilmFreeway account. FilmFreeway’s purpose is to enable filmmakers to submit their films to film festivals and contests worldwide.

(i) FilmFreeway requires the registered account holder to be at least 18 years of age.

(ii) If the Contestant is a:

(*) Single Student, who is less than 18 years old, a parent or guardian must be the registered account holder.

(*) Student Group and all students in the Student Group are less than 18 years old, a parent or guardian of one of the Students in the Student Group must be the registered account holder. However, if one of the Students in the Student Group is 18 years or older, that Student may be the registered account holder.
(iii) See Create a Personal FilmFreeway Account Instr.
(iv) Contestant is advised to read FilmFreeway’s Terms of Services located at:

(b) LOG OUT after creating the account.

 (i) You will log in later to upload finished film into Contest.
(c) Submit Contest Registration Form to NELSAC.

(i) A Contestant registering after September 30, 2020, is ineligible to compete in the Contest, except for unusual circumstances as agreed to by Contest managers.
(ii) Contact NELSAC if such circumstances occur at:     [email protected].

(iii) In the email’s subject block, state “Request Film Contest Registration Due to Unusual Circumstances”.

(iv) An incomplete registration form may be cause for the film’s non-acceptance (ineligibility) into the Contest.

(d) Begin producing the film.

b. Film Submission Period: Open Now – September 30, 2020

(1) See XII. Online Film Submission for detailed film submission information.

(2) A film submitted after September 30,2020, is ineligible to compete in the contest, except for unusual circumstances as agreed to by Contest managers.
(a) Contact NELSAC if such circumstances occur at [email protected].
(b) In the email’s subject block, state “Request Film Submission Due to Unusual Circumstances”.

(3) An incomplete film will be cause for non-acceptance (ineligibility) into the Contest.


IV. Film Categories

Contestant attending school in a grade identified below must enter a film in that film category:
a. Kindergarten – 2nd Grades – Elementary School
b. 3rd – 5th Grades – Elementary School

c. 6th – 8th Grades – Middle School
d. 9th – 12th Grades – High School

e. The Pacesetter – Middle and High School Grades


V. Number of Films

Only submit one (1) film into the Contest.


VI. Fee

a. None.

b. However, the below suggested donations are accepted.:

(1) Kindergarten – 2nd Elementary School Grades: $10.00

(2) 3rd – 5th Elementary School Grades: $10.00

(3) 6th – 8th Middle School Grades: $20.00
(4) 9th – 12th High School Grades: $20.00
(5) The Pacesetter: $30.00

c. Submit donations at PayPal

Funds received through donations are for contest expenses. Remaining funds will be utilized for other NELSAC expenses. NELSAC is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


f. No refunds of donations are given once a Contestant pays the donation.
Describe the picture or give more information. ​​​​​​​


VII. New/Existing Film

a. Submit a new or existing film/video; may be one posted on youth/teen oriented social media sites such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat. Contestant may wish to include or expand the story/plot in an existing film/video.


VIII. Types and Categories

a. Films types may be:

(1) Fiction

(2) Non-Fiction

b. Films categories may be:

(1) Animation (drawings/sketches of objects shown in a series of frames)
(2) Video (recording of either still or moving objects)

c. A Contestant shall state in the film’s front credits if the film is based on a true story or true events, except for Documentary and Science Fiction films.


IX. Genres

a. A film shall be one of the following genres:
(1) Comedy
(2) Documentary

(3) Drama
(4) Music/Dance

(5) Science Fiction, including subgenres Fantasy and Super Hero

(6) Sports

For information on film genres and subgenres, see AMC FILM SITE at: – search for Genres. Documentary definitions are found on the web.

If two or less films are submitted in a genre by all Contestants, NELSAC may place each film in another genre.

If a film is not suitable for the genre selected by the Contestant, NELSAC may place the film in a suitable genre.


X. Length

a. Kindergarten – 2nd Elementary School Grades: 60 seconds or less

b. 3rd – 5th Elementary School Grades: 90 seconds or less

c. Middle School Grades: 10 minutes or less

d. High School Grades: 15 minutes or less

e. The Pacesetter: 28-30 minutes/Open to Middle and High School Students

f. Lengths include film credits.


XI. Themes

a. None required.

A Contestant may wish to address one or more of the following in their film:

    (1) Covid-19

(2) Black Lives Matter
(3) Climate Change


XII. Online Film Submission Process

a. Contestant must upload their film into their personal FilmFreeway account, directly from their device.
(1) See instructions Upload Film to Personal FilmFreeway Account
b. The Contestant must then upload the film from their personal FilmFreeway account to the Contest, also on FilmFreeway.

(1) DO NOT link the film to the Contest from Vimeo, YouTube, or other online film platforms.

c. Films may be submitted into the Contest Open now thru September 30, 2020.
(1) See Instructions Upload Film to NELSAC Student Online Short Film Contest on FilmFreeway.

d. ATTENTION: This online Contest is a Non-Public Listing on FilmFreeway, meaning the Contest and films submitted to it are not available for public viewing.
(1) The Contest may only be viewed by Contestants, Contest Managers, and Judges.
(2) Contestant can only see and view their film, not other Contestants’ films.

(3) Contestant can share their film privately by sending the film’s URL and password to whom it wishes. See Instructions for Sharing Contestant’s Film with Family, Friends, and Followers.


XIII. Video Equipment

a. Video camera

b. Camcorder

c. Cell Phone (always film in landscape mode)

d. Etc.


XIV. Video Format

a. FilmFreeway accepts all major film/video formats in full quality High Definition (HD) resolution up to 10 GB.

FilmFreeway transcodes uploaded film/video for online streaming compatibility and performance.

c. A Contestant retains 100% of all rights to their intellectual property, the film.


XV. Language

a. English

b. If another language is used anywhere in the film, except in the credits, include English captions located at the bottom, the center of the film frames.


XVI. Unacceptable Content

Films are to be family-oriented and shall not contain:

Coarse or crude language

b. Cursing

c. Depiction of drug use in a recreational manner

d. Hateful language or images

e. Nudity

f. Sexual or suggestive dialogue or footage

g. Smoking/Vaping

h. Violence

i. Weapons (guns, rifles, etc.). Pocket knives are acceptable if depicted as useful.)

Other unacceptable content as NELSAC managers may designate.


XVII. Adult Involvement

Except for Kindergarten and Elementary school grade films, adults, including parents, cannot be significantly involved in the film’s production, other than limited acting. Students are to produce the film, not adults or parents. Describe the picture or give more information. ​​​​​​​


XVIII. Actor Consent

By submitting their film into the Contest, a Contestant pledges that people associated and appearing in the film consent to the film’s submission into the Contest.

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