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The NELSAC Student Online Short Film Contest is hosted online by (FFW), a film festival hosting site. The Contest is defined by FFW as a Non-Public Listing. This means the Contest is a closed event, open only to a select group (kindergarten through high school students) in a small geographic area in the United States (Leon County, Florida). Consequently, the Contest is not visible to the public through internet searches.

Nevertheless, a Contestant can share their film/video with Family and Friends by following the below instructions.
    (a) Log in to your personal FilmFreeway account.

    (b) Select > “My Projects” (upper center-right of the page)

    (c) Select > your film/video (under “Projects”, upper left of the page)

    (d) Select > “Privacy” (above Screen Viewer)
    (e) Select > “Password Protected” below “Project Visibility”.

    (f) Create “Password” (in bar below “Password Protected”). Select > “Save”

    (g) Select > “Preview” if you wish to view your film/video. Enter the film/video’s password. After viewing the film/video, close Screen Viewer window.
    (h) Scroll down to “Project Page URL” and copy your film/video’s URL link address.

    (i) Paste your film/video’s URL into your message to Family and Friends.

    (j) Disregard the bottom two categories located on the FFW account page: “Download Permissions” and “Download Your Video Files”. These actions are not part of our film Contest.
    (k) Log out of your FFW account.
    (l) Send a message to Family and Friends


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