Film Judging

Film Judging Process

I. Contest Schedule After Film Submission Period Ends
II. Film Judges
III. Criteria for Judging Films

I. Contest Schedule After Film Submission Period Ends

Following termination of the film submission period, each Contestant will be advised of NELSAC’s schedule and process for evaluating films for contest eligibility and film judging for contest awards.
(1) The schedule may continue into the Fall of 2020 but will be completed as quickly as possible.

II. Film Judges

a. Eligible films will be judged for awards by a panel of judges.

. Judges will:
(1) have film experience,

(2) be well versed in film

(3) or interested in film.

c. Public figures may serve as film judges.

d. Each Contestant’s film will be viewed and judged for awards through FilmFreeway’s secure online HD video screener.

III. Criteria for Judging Films

To assist in understanding how judges may evaluate eligible films, a Contestant may consider the below film aspects in producing their film. These film aspects are not all-inclusive.

a. Concept: original, age-appropriate, diverse audience

b. Content: cohesion, relevancy, insightfulness, cleverness, totality of information

c. Narrative Structure: logical development of the story, well-planned, unity, clarity of message, imagination.

Presentation: directing, screenplay, camera angles, costumes, sets, voice-overs, narrations.

Performance: quality of music, acting, singing, rapping, movement, in-front-of-camera, communication.

Editing: the assembly of scenes and angles supportive of the theme.

g. Lighting: supportive of the theme, enhance the work.

h. Sound: quality appropriate, detract or enhance.

i. Special effects: enhance the work?

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