Upload Film to the NELSAC Student Short Film Contest

a. Log into your personal account.

b. Type/paste the following URL into your FilmFreeway account’s URL address bar:
and select > “Enter”

    (1) NOTE: The Contest is a non-public listing on FilmFreeway. Therefore, internet searches will not locate the Contest.

Contest page opens.

    (1) Select the “Submit Now” button located on right side of page, immediately below the cover image.

Contest submission page opens.

(1) Under “Select Project” (upper left corner of the page), select > the drop-down arrow, then select > your film/video.
    (2) Under the “Category” bar, select > your school grade, then select/check > the box to the right of “Student: Free”.
    (3) Please provide all information under “This festival requires additional information. Please complete all fields.”
    (4) Select > “Add to Cart”.

Then, one of two pages will open:
    (1) Contest Home page opens. Select > “Cart”, located in the upper right corner of the page. The “Cart Summary” page opens. This is the page you want.

    (2)  On the “Cart Summary” page, you will see your film’s name (referred to as Project), your Grade Category, Deadline (disregard), and your Student: Fee.

    (3) At bottom of the “Cart Summary” page, under “Secure “Checkout”, Select > “Complete Order”

f. A “Thank You” page will open.

    (1) It will state: “Your submission is completed, and we will send you an email confirmation shortly.”

    (2) This means your film was uploaded into the Contest. Contest Manager will also receive an email stating your film was entered into the Contest.

    (3) In the middle of the “Thank You” page is a box stating “Promote Your Submission”. Disregard.

    (4) Below the “Promote Your Submission” box there is a bar with information about your film containing a “tracking number”. Retain the tracking number for your records.
    (5) There is also a message from the Contest (called a Festival) explaining the process it will follow in evaluating your film.

g. Close the FilmFreeway page


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