Welcome to NELSAC! 

North East Leon Society for Arts & Culture (NELSAC)
Mission: To deliver exceptional arts and cultural experiences to people of all ages.

Experience Arts and Culture Where You Live

Imagine yourself participating in these arts and cultural activities where you live in northeast Leon County; viewing, with your children, a play at Chiles High School or watching a living history enactment at Tekesta Park. How about taking your kids to an art exhibit at Celebration Baptist Church or enjoying Mozart or Bach at a classical musical concert in St. Peters’ Anglican Church with your spouse? Perhaps you would like to see a dance troupe performance with friends at Bannerman Crossing? However, you do not have to only imagine such arts and cultural events.  You can experience arts and cultural events where you live, in northeast Leon County.  

Guiding Principles

The North East Leon Society for Arts & Culture (NELSAC), whose mission is to deliver exceptional arts and cultural experiences to people of all ages, will present a continuing arts and cultural program for residents and visitors of the northeast Leon County area.  NELSAC’s guiding principles start with presenting exceptional experiences, and making sure they are affordable and family oriented. 

Benefits of Arts & Cultural Activities

Arts and cultural activities can be key ingredients for further enhancing quality of life in the northeast section of Leon County and help make the area an appealing, energetic, and suitable location to live.  These activities can be part of an economic engine which contributes to attracting businesses, jobs, and residents to the area.   

Northeast Leon County teems with residents who offer a diversity of arts and cultural resources, skills and talents, which NELSAC can draw upon to assist in presenting its arts and cultural program.  This mixture of amateur artists, musicians, actors, story tellers, writers, historians, dancers, photographers, sculptors, potters and others artisans, can contribute their remarkable (yet currently untapped) artistic talents and skills to the common public.  Through NELSAC these amateurs, along with professionals, can heighten the northeast Leon County arts and cultural landscape.

Experience Arts and Culture Where You Live in northeast Leon County by supporting NELSAC and its arts and cultural events.  Thank you.  

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